All content written and owned by Liz Olson //

All content written and owned by Liz Olson //

Hadley Elizabeth,

When you were born, my heart broke wide open. My first niece. The girl with my sisters eyes and my name as your middle. So tiny. So full of big bright life. 

The first time I held you, I thought of how much it takes to be a girl in this world. How hard it can be, how scary it can feel. But also: how special it is, how much it matters.

You matter so much. 

These letters are thoughts I collect as I move through my days and think of you. Small bits of encouragement in the form of my messes, my mistakes, the things I'm figuring out as I grow up, too. I hope that no matter what you're feeling, facing, or fumbling through, these can bring you the kind of comfort that comes from knowing you’re not alone.

I love you more than all of these words, my little magnificent one,
Aunt Liz